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1. LED lighting application-Modern shopping mall.
According to statistics, the light power consumption for a shopping mall is about 25% of its total electricity power consumption. Now, many of them are still using non energy-saving lights. Such as halogen bulbs, inductive drivers and so on. Although the initial cost of these lights is a little lower, the use and maintain cost is very high in the afterwards.

The high efficiency green LED lights can match different illumination and energy-saving requirement of merchant and owners. KOMAES LED down light is the best solution, energy-saving, fashion and smart.
2. LED lighting application-Clothing stores.
Lighting is one of the most important element in the clothing stores, efficient lighting design can attract and guide consumers eyes. Build a comfort, safe, harmony lighting atmosphere.
3. LED lighting application-Jewelry Stores.
In order to show the best effect of the Jewelry, good light design is the essential.
A. Different product need different color light.
B. Need enough brightness to show every details of the Jewelry.
This can arouse customers' desire of purchasing.
For Jewelry stores, the best light design is using Ceiling light and Counter spot light together.
4. LED lighting application- Underground parking.
Underground parking need 24 hours light, so if using normal lights, the power consumption is too big, more problems, different to manage, need to change lights frequently. So, cost is very high. Now, LED lights can solve all the above problems.
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